Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gundam Hunting Day

Went for Seoul Garden lunch buffet today with my gf and jimmy today at Ngee Ann City~ Don't really have appetite today so i only ate abit, luckily I am paying student price of $11.99++ :P

Ate lunch till around 2PM then went for a walk inside kinokuniya, I am so glad i went to buy my Dengeki Hobby / 电击 Hobby on monday as it was totally out of stock by today! Looks like i really have to email Kinokuniya regarding the magazine every month so I will know when will it arrive =/

Went to Hobby Art Gallery after that to look for Gundam paint, in the end was so tempted to buy a HG 1/144 Graham's Union Flag Custom because it looks so cool....... Bought it at $17, then went to Achtung! Hobby at Parklane to buy 1 litre of thinner for $15(CHEAP!), I used to buy Mr. Hobby Thinner at $15.90 for 400ml! Thanks to Lancelot for sharing good deals~~

Also saw a HY2M Rick Dom at HAG for $259, so so so so so tempted to buy! but no cash................... look at how big and beautiful it looks......... got lights somemore!


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