Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pre Hike Hooting.........

Seriously.... i'm on a crazy gunpla buying spree... spending all my money on gunpla because there is a hike coming in May 2008, don't want to regret not buying now and end up paying even more next time, there is also Taka sale going on from now till 14th April, maybe... i will try to get a few more there, so basically these few days... these are what i bought...

Master Grade EX-S Gundam @ $105

Master Grade Hi-Nu Gundam @ $90

A Set of SD Qubeley(Pearl Coating) @ $30

High Grade Universal Century RX 78-2 Gundam Expo Limited Edition @ $11

High Grade Universal Century Zaku I Sniper Type @ $15

High Grade Universal Century RX-78GP02A Type MLRS @ $25

Master Grade Griffon Aqua Type @ $35

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tiring day~

Wah! so long never update! kinda forgot about this blog! LOL! :P nothing much these days... kinda doing up my Kryios for the competition~ hopefully it will turn out good! haha!! accompany Darius aka Genocide_X today to get his ventilation fan... then went to HAG to get some tools and Gaia Clear~~ then went to Nakamoto place to get SD~~ finally found a cheap SD Dendrobium~~~~ my favourite!~ love it~~~

Well, that's all i guess... Must remind myself to update!~ LOL! =X

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Competition Mood

Competition for gunpla is coming! From now till 23rd May i got all the time i need to finish my model and send it in the photos for competition~ only restricted to gundam 00 kits... my poor astraea won't make it in :( but my graham flag will~ haha~ now working on kyrios 1/100 scale.... so far so good... hopefully this piece of work will get in the competition for display.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Just finished test building my HG 1/144 Throne Eins this early morning(around 1am), quite nice, with very minimal seamline to cover :P i like it that way, i hate sanding hahaa~~ It's overall a nice kit, and the guns are very very long(i like BIG weapons!). Pictures below.

Just reached home from meeting Edwin(Uchihachien), Augustin(Inkedpride), Genocide_x, and Lancelot(they are all fellow forumer from EDMW Official Gundam Thread) At HAG, passed them the decals we order from together. Already previously meet Augustin and Edwin during the workshop at Toa Payoh organised by sty(uncle steven) :D

Was very tempted to hoot gunpla but already bought from Augustin his fixed up 1/100 Astray Red Frame and 1/100 Sword Impulse Gundam. The articulation of both kit are very very superb, although they are Non Grade, but they joint are very much like MG series, the Astray Red can even squat!! OMG!!

Also bought a Gaia Star Bright Gold paint and Masking Sol from HAG. quite ex... $5 for paint, $8 for masking sol.

Right after that we went for lunch together at the prata shop just opposite Sunshine plaza, after that went with my gf to Excelsior Shopping Centre to buy her Blythe doll... she wanted Honey Bunny but it was sold out :( so she settled for Dainty Biscuit, to me Dainty Biscuit looks very beautiful, even more beautiful than Honey Bunny, Honey Bunny is just cute because of the bunny suit, but as there is third party suit coming in next month, we shall just get the suit~ heheee~~

I start to think she looks really gorgeous =X

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally finished my Graham's Union Flag Custom, I used Metallic Gray, Metallic Black and Chrome Silver, finished with gloss topcoat, very satisfied with the results~ Pictures below~

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cute Gundam 00 Video!

Haha saw this video, very very funny and cute! share with everyone :D

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More GUNPLA~~~

Sigh..... Was trying to blog late last night... but couldn't... blogspot is down~ oh my... first time encounter it hehee... well... just wanted to update abit on my life... these few days... it's all about sanding, sanding and more sanding... helped my GF airbrush her strike rogue leg inner frame... looks very glossy and nice~~

Not bad right? quite shiny hor~ these are the 3 paint i used~ heehee~ i'm getting better at mixing paint *grins*

And i also hoot a Zaku II Ver2.0 Char's, apparently i just found out moments ago, Augustin was actually the one who wants it... but i actually bid out from yahoo auction before him... make me feel so guilty now loh... :( sorry Augustin.....

But never the less i am happy to get my hands on this! I simply love Zaku~~ their head is simple mesmerizing :D And the latest Sanguo SD BB Gundam #8~ though i don't know much about sanguo, but these series of SD Gundam are very cute and nice, especially Guan Yu and Si Ma Yi~

Then today, hmm... really tio poison... bought a Qubeley~ was so so so so so so so so tempted to get it since long ago, but doesn't seems to get on my list of "next to buy" haha, but since i'm almost finished collecting those that i like... (still short of Hi-Nu and EX-S) I just bought this today as well.

Also bought some paint from Hobby Art Gallery and Hobby Point today, the Gaia Star Bright Silver is supposed to be a silvery compound for my metallic uses, definitely cheaper than Mr. Hobby Super Metallic, hope it's nice~ heeee~~~

That's all for today, tiring day. Tomorrow got to continue my Graham's Union Flag Custom~

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lack of update

Ah! These few days have been rather busy... busy with what? LOL gunpla hunting, paint hunter, and finishing up my latest work, a 1/144 Gundam Astraea Type F converted from Gundam Exia from Gundam 00, made lots of mistakes, tons and tons of it, my gf also finished the Skygrasper part of her fake PG Strike Rouge, actually it doesn't look so bad, just that the seam line are SOOO big... if you are displaying it, you probably won't really tell until you look up close! Currently working on my Graham's Union Flag Custom that i just bought recently. progressing very slowly as I am trying to make it look perfect :P Some preview below~

Sunday 2nd March, I went out to get more stuff... Now as news have rumour that coming this May all gunpla price will go up by 20 to 30%!!! So I went to get a Zaku II V2.0 Tri-Star~ And also some supplies for my gunpla modelling...

Alright so much talking and no proper pictures... below are the pictures of my Gundam Astraea Type F~

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