Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ah! so long never blog :P

So long never blog.... not because i'm busy, but rather... i'm lazy...

School life really sucks, i have to reach school between 8.30 to 9.00AM everyday to clock in using my fingerprint, then only able to clock out after 5.30PM everyday, if i never turn up, i will be considered as AWOL, sianz.

Nothing much on gunpla recently as I'm quite low morale after melting my kyrios T_T but managed to finished it... will try to post picture up soon... for now it's more on my gunpla hooting bah :P

Last thursday 1st May, Ikea is having a promotion for thie Detolf Glass Cabinet (usual price $99) at $59, my father gave the green light and we went to get one :P so happy that i finally have a proper display cabinet.

As you can see on the inside of the shelf is also my hoot for the same day! :P forgot to take a picture of the unicorn novel though :( really... very poisoned with gunpla... non stop hooting making me all weak now... :P

Met yohzzz and the rest of the guys from hwz forum at achtung and we went on a massive hooting since more than 5 kit will have 50% off. so i only bought MG Hyaku Shiki and a Gifu Castle. haha...

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