Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pre Hike Hooting.........

Seriously.... i'm on a crazy gunpla buying spree... spending all my money on gunpla because there is a hike coming in May 2008, don't want to regret not buying now and end up paying even more next time, there is also Taka sale going on from now till 14th April, maybe... i will try to get a few more there, so basically these few days... these are what i bought...

Master Grade EX-S Gundam @ $105

Master Grade Hi-Nu Gundam @ $90

A Set of SD Qubeley(Pearl Coating) @ $30

High Grade Universal Century RX 78-2 Gundam Expo Limited Edition @ $11

High Grade Universal Century Zaku I Sniper Type @ $15

High Grade Universal Century RX-78GP02A Type MLRS @ $25

Master Grade Griffon Aqua Type @ $35

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.. would like to ask where did you get the RX-78???