Monday, March 10, 2008

More GUNPLA~~~

Sigh..... Was trying to blog late last night... but couldn't... blogspot is down~ oh my... first time encounter it hehee... well... just wanted to update abit on my life... these few days... it's all about sanding, sanding and more sanding... helped my GF airbrush her strike rogue leg inner frame... looks very glossy and nice~~

Not bad right? quite shiny hor~ these are the 3 paint i used~ heehee~ i'm getting better at mixing paint *grins*

And i also hoot a Zaku II Ver2.0 Char's, apparently i just found out moments ago, Augustin was actually the one who wants it... but i actually bid out from yahoo auction before him... make me feel so guilty now loh... :( sorry Augustin.....

But never the less i am happy to get my hands on this! I simply love Zaku~~ their head is simple mesmerizing :D And the latest Sanguo SD BB Gundam #8~ though i don't know much about sanguo, but these series of SD Gundam are very cute and nice, especially Guan Yu and Si Ma Yi~

Then today, hmm... really tio poison... bought a Qubeley~ was so so so so so so so so tempted to get it since long ago, but doesn't seems to get on my list of "next to buy" haha, but since i'm almost finished collecting those that i like... (still short of Hi-Nu and EX-S) I just bought this today as well.

Also bought some paint from Hobby Art Gallery and Hobby Point today, the Gaia Star Bright Silver is supposed to be a silvery compound for my metallic uses, definitely cheaper than Mr. Hobby Super Metallic, hope it's nice~ heeee~~~

That's all for today, tiring day. Tomorrow got to continue my Graham's Union Flag Custom~

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