Friday, March 14, 2008

Just finished test building my HG 1/144 Throne Eins this early morning(around 1am), quite nice, with very minimal seamline to cover :P i like it that way, i hate sanding hahaa~~ It's overall a nice kit, and the guns are very very long(i like BIG weapons!). Pictures below.

Just reached home from meeting Edwin(Uchihachien), Augustin(Inkedpride), Genocide_x, and Lancelot(they are all fellow forumer from EDMW Official Gundam Thread) At HAG, passed them the decals we order from together. Already previously meet Augustin and Edwin during the workshop at Toa Payoh organised by sty(uncle steven) :D

Was very tempted to hoot gunpla but already bought from Augustin his fixed up 1/100 Astray Red Frame and 1/100 Sword Impulse Gundam. The articulation of both kit are very very superb, although they are Non Grade, but they joint are very much like MG series, the Astray Red can even squat!! OMG!!

Also bought a Gaia Star Bright Gold paint and Masking Sol from HAG. quite ex... $5 for paint, $8 for masking sol.

Right after that we went for lunch together at the prata shop just opposite Sunshine plaza, after that went with my gf to Excelsior Shopping Centre to buy her Blythe doll... she wanted Honey Bunny but it was sold out :( so she settled for Dainty Biscuit, to me Dainty Biscuit looks very beautiful, even more beautiful than Honey Bunny, Honey Bunny is just cute because of the bunny suit, but as there is third party suit coming in next month, we shall just get the suit~ heheee~~

I start to think she looks really gorgeous =X

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